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The world famous town of Italy developed in between the canals of its Laguna.
Venice is a unique city in the World where is possible to leave great experiences.
The Veneto Region deserves to be discovered with great curiosity for its arts, landscape, wine, rivers, etc….

Attractions of


Venice is a city that offers many attractions but above all a lot of history and traditions such as piazza San Marco which is one of the most famous and elegant square in Europe surrounded by works of indisputable value: the imposing Bell tower and the Basilica with its five portals and decorations of marbles and mosaics that anticipate the glamor and the richness of the interiors.
Presents many other important attractions that we recommend visiting at least once in life.

Canal Grande

The Grand Canal is the main channel of Venice. About 3800 meters divides the historic center into two parts by tracing a reverse "S" from the Ponte della Libertà to the San Marco Basin.

Venice is famous for its canals that surround the whole city. The largest canal is "Grand Canal". A vast expanse of water that divides the city into two parts by forming an up side down S. The Canal begi...

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Basilica di San Marco

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice is the city's main church, metropolitan cathedral and patriarch's seat. Along with the homonymous bell tower and Piazza San Marco, is the main monument of Venice and one of the symbols of Italy.

St. Mark's Basilica, located in the homonymous square, is a unique architectural masterpiece, a blend of east and west. All of them tell of the powerful serenity of ...

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Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, located in Venice, is one of the most important Italian squares, renowned all over the world for its beauty and architectural integrity

San Marco is the smallest stretch for extension but in it is the political and religious heart of the city. St. Mark's Square is the only city square overlooking the sea basin: rich in monuments and palaces collects over fifteen centuri...

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Palazzo Ducale

The Ducal Palace was until the fall of the Republic in 1797 the residence of the Doge and is still the symbol of Venetian civilization, its political, military, economic and cultural tradition. You access the Palace through the Gate of the Wheat and you will find yourself in the inner courtyard enclosed by splendid porches. On the ground floor, you can visit the Opera Museum. From the courtyard...

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Ponte dei Sospiri

One of the corners most photographed by the Venetians is the Bridge of Sighs and to observe it, one must dwell on the ancient Straw Bridge that is along the pier facing the Doge's Palace. The Bridge of Sighs is a Baroque-style bridge, hanging, closed, which leads directly from the Doge's Palace to the nearby Prison Palace. The Bridge of Sighs is so called because it was passing through the cond...

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Campanile di San Marco

The Campanile has a long history of construction from 888 to 1173. The most dangerous enemies of this building have always been the lightning strikes of its peak and often fire it, but also earthquakes like that of 1511.
On the proposal of the abbot Giuseppe Toaldo in 1776 the first lightning rod was applied.
On July 14, 1902, at 9.47, accompanied by a rumble that was heard throughout...

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Things to do in Venice

Elegant, precious, inimitable, fun and romantic: so is Venice, a gem of the Veneto and Italian tourist landscape, where churches, palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares tell about the artistic and cultural liveliness that has marked and still marks the history of this city.

The peculiarity of Venice is that it is surrounded by water and the means of transportation are very simple buses (ferries) and the romantic and suggestive gondolas. It is impossible to visit this city without going around these famous and ancient boats.

Tour of Venice in Gondola

The ability of Venetian gondoliers to be able to cheer up the time spent with anecdotes, curiosities, tourist information, is undeniable. Usually, it is a craft that goes on for generations. Venetian gondolas are all handmade by local craftsmen. They consist of about 280 pieces using 8 distinct types of wood. A gondola is about 10 meters long and ranges from 1.38 to 1.42 meters. Despite his len

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Boat Excursion

Murano: Murano is one of the main lagoon islands and is famous for its blown glass tradition. For centuries, the life of this small island revolves around the kilns where glass objects are sold all over the world. Murano has the shape of a small Venice: it is made up of 9 small islands joined by bridges in the middle of the Grand Canal. Murano is walking on foot in a few hours walking thr

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Venezia Misteriosa

Venice as you have already read has many positive aspects. Full of tourism, history. Attractions, romance and more. Not everyone knows the other aspect of venice: "mysterious venice". This city also offers many legends, anecdotes and ghost stories.

Torcello, the legend of the Devil’s Bridge: says: in the period of Austrian domination in Venice, a young girl fell in love with an Austria

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