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GoItalyTours.com and TourofSicily.com
DMC company 100% Italian

Are brand names owned by “Chat & Tour“, an Italian DMC company based in Sicily (Italy) and operate as inbound fully licensed tour operator, launched in 2001 after more than 35 years experience in the travel industry.

What is a DMC or Destination Management Company?

DMC or Destination Management Company simply put is a travel agency. However, we cannot leave the definition there.

A DMC or Destination Management Company  offers you everything you need to help you organise a corporate event or trip. 

It is not based on organising family holidays (which it can do), but is a specialist agency in organising trips for groups whether smaller or larger which, in the majority, travel or undertake an event for corporate purposes.

Where does a DMC works?

As a travel agency a DMC or Destination Management Company could organise trips all over the world. But in this case specialization is generally the key.

The figures of the DMC  concentrate on the destination they are most familiar with in order to be able to offer a guarantee on every service level. 

These services can be offered all over the country or simply locally. There can be receptive DMC agencies specialising only in Málaga, for example, or only Andalucía. In our case we have the ability and experience to work at a national level. So we can offer our services all over Italy.

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence for more than 8 years by TripAdvisor from 2012 up to 2019 + 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice.

Our goal is providing safe travel, reliable tours and transportation while planning memorable travel itineraries all over Italy, keeping the same high quality standards that has always marked our tours.

Providing Hosted Multiday Tours, Incentive, Upscale Tours and Customized Tours, GOItaly.comTourofSicily.com work in partnership with other Companies of proven experience in the travel industry, that put on the first place attention to details, as we always do.

To satisfy in the best way customer travel needs, our tours are tailor made by our staff who joins customer wishes and excellent ac knowledge of the area.

This means that the routing will be arranged in accordance with the special needs of each single customer and that your tour will be scheduled and set in the perfect way.

This is why our tours “make a difference”!

Surf on our website and be in touch with us for an unforgettable Italian Experience.  A blend of high quality services to share with travel companions would be the opportunity to create the perfect “chemistry”and make unforgettable your Italian holiday!

Awaiting for you in Italy and Sicily