Gondola Tour in Venice

Venice Gondola Tour

Are you planning your visit to Italy but still have not decided yet which part to visit or where to stay during your dream holiday? Have you decided to spend your vacation in Venice during your stay in Italy but still have not figured which touring activities to join in while being there? Read more and find out about our exclusive gondola tour of Venice programme!

A unique visit of Venice by Gondola

Venice is one of Italy’s finest attractions, a unique city that rises in between the canals of its Laguna. This beautiful touristic site offers many attractions to be discovered by its numerous visitors, such as the popular and outstanding San Marco square which is one of the most elegant squares in Europe, surrounded by works of indisputable value. Besides, you will have the chance to specifically admire the imposing Bell tower and the Basilica with its five portals and decorations of marbles and mosaics that anticipate the glamor and the richness of its interiors. Go Italy Tours gives you the opportunity of having a unique overview of Venice’s main landmarks by joining our special gondola tour of Venice: you only need to sit comfortably on board of the most typical Venice’s boat, while our expert tour guide will explain to you everything you need to know about Venice’s history and traditions. What is more, Venetian gondoliers will reveal you anecdotes, curiosities and, generally, tourist information of undeniable value. The Gondola is a craft that usually goes on for generations and they are all generally handmade by local craftsmen. The boat consists of about 280 pieces made by using 8 distinct types of wood. A gondola is about 10 meters long and ranges from 1.38 to 1.42 meters; a single craft can hold maximum 6 people. There are many types of Gondola tours that you may experience: Private tour in Gondola, Private tour in Gondola by night, Serenade in Gondola Tour, in Gondola and candle light dinner, Tour in Gondola & Saint Mark’s Basilica Walk in Venice, Saint Mark’s Basilica and a tour in Gondola.

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