Piedmont and Tuscany Food & Wine Tour

Food & Wine Tours through Italy

Are you spending your next holidays in Italy but you are still thinking about which activities to join during your stay in Piedmont? Are you looking for original suggestions or ideas that may strike your interest as you are visiting the beautiful Tuscany? Keep on reading and find out more about our outstanding Piedmont and Tuscany food & wine tour, an alternative way of visiting Italy through the discover of its typical flavours and tastes.

Tuscany Food & Wine Upscale Trip

Tuscany represents one of the most appealing and fascinating regions of Italy, consistently visited by crowds of visitors from all over the world who are willing to discover the area’s beauties and attractions. Once arrived there, you will have the opportunity to discover Tuscany’s breathtaking natural environment consisting of amazing landscape views featuring vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills, cypress trees and a lot more. As far as the Tuscany food & wine upscale trip is concerned, our tour guide will lead you to discover the region’s most popular and authentic wineries where you will have the chance to taste, appreciate and learn about some of the most prestigious and refined wines made in Italy, such as the Brunello of Montalcino, Chianti Classico and others. Our special Tuscany food & wine upscale trip will also enable you to experience and taste the region’s typical food and recipes based on seasonal ingredients only: Pecorino cheese, Bruschetta, Fiorentina steak, Cinta Senese and a lot more!

Tuscany and Piedmont food and wine trip

Piedmont Food & Wine Multiday Tour

The prestigious Piedmont food & wine multiday tour, offered by Go Italy tours, addresses to both experts of wine and food and also those who only wish to enjoy typical Italian wines, classy dinners surrounded by beautiful landscapes! During your visit to Piedmont, our expert tour guide will lead you to discover the popular villages where the region’s most famous wines are produced, for instance Monforte, Serralunga, Barolo, La Morra and others. Moreover, Piedmont is worldwide known for its traditional food recipes that you may want to taste in both luxurious or family run restaurants that always guarantee a top quality service: Ravioli al Plin, Brasato, Alba’s White Truffle, Barolo and many other local delicacies. What is more, our Piedmont food & wine multiday tour will lead you to explore Piedmont’s famous Langhe wine region with its amazing view embracing historical ancient castles as well as the region’s typical hills and vineyards.


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