Gondola Ride

A romantic experience by day or by night. Option of serenade with musicians or escort making a commentary during the ride.


30 Minutes


Boat Trip

Tour Type


On Request

Live Music

When to do it

By day / night


Gondola Ride: 30/60 minutes

The gondola is certainly the most photographed craft in the world and its image has become, for millions of tourists, the main symbol of Venice.

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Gondola experiences: 

  • day or night time
  • escort making a commentary during the ride
  • serenade by musicians




Venice is best admired from the water and city provides lovely viewing especially at night with the moon light reflections glistening upon the water. A cruise along the canals, while musicians and singers perform popular Italian songs, makes the atmosphere very romantic!

In a city like Venice, the water ways have always been the most used for transports. The Gondola is a maneuverable and speedy boat, it is comfortable and silent and, almost of all, it is very charming!

Nowadays there are Gondolas destined to the visit of the city, to the night cool, to the serenades and to the famous “trip in a gondola”. These Gondolas are used from tourists, and also from Venetians for the practical needs of going from one part to the other of the Grand Canal. Then there are gondole “da parada” used for the crossing of canals, for “ferry”, that is to say.

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  • Boat Trip
Not Included
  • Beverages and meals
  • Gratuities and tips
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