Olive Oil, Salt and Marsala Wine Tour

A tour to experience Sicilian wines, olive oil & local products, visit a Marsala Winery and an Olive Oil Producer, drive through the Sea Saltpans of Trapani and admire a majestic temple.


8 Hours


Day Tour

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All Year

Experience colors and flavors of the Western coast of Sicily, a region renowned for producing Marsala wines, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Travel through the Salt Way Road, admiring the gorgeous landscape of a Nature Reserve with a lagoon and white windmills and discover how the salt has been harvested up to now. You will visit a Winery and an Olive Oil Producer, tasting Marsala Wines and local products. End your tour visiting an ancient and majestic Doric Temple.


–   Visit the region of Marsala grapes
–   Taste Marsala wines and visit the Winery
–   Travel through the Salt Way Road
–   Discover how the salt has been harvested up to now
–   Admire the unusual landscape of a lagoon with windmills
–   Taste extra-virgin olive oil and local products directly at Olive Oil Producer
–   Visit a majestic Doric Temple

What you can expect:

Today you are greeted at your hotel and driven to Marsala. This region is world renowned for its fine grapes and for Marsala wine. Visit a Winery to taste the Marsala wines and discover the origin of this wine fortified similar to Port, Madeira and Sherry.

Then we travel along the Salt Way Road and through the Nature Reserve of the Stagnone (that literally means large pool). Since this large lagoon has shallow and very salty water, it is the ideal place for saltworks. While travelling you will be fascinated by this unusual landscape: panels of mirror-like water, held by thin strips of earth and white windmills. Beyond the saltworks stand out some islands – including Mothia, once joined to the mainland by a paved road –  while Isola Longa (Long Island) encloses the lagoon.

The sea salt, in the tradition of this part of Sicily, is obtained by the evaporation of the sea water through a simple but functional method of “handmade fractional distillation”, that allows to highlight the positive qualities and at the same time eliminate unwanted compounds. In Summer now as then in some areas between Trapani and Marsala it is possible to admire piles of salt just harvested.

Moving northward we will get to an Olive Oil Producer (Farmhouse/Winery). That’s indeed one of the most noted areas in Sicily for extra-virgin olive oil production. Taste this oil combined with local bread and savour a mix of local products such as cheese, salumi and olives.

Later this afternoon we will reach Segesta, to visit the impressive Doric temple dated back to the 5th century BC. This ancient Greek temple can make a valid claim to being the best preserved in the world, though never completed as the roof was never added.

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